The aim of this research was intended to examine the things that happen in the present and to improve the quality of work of Small Interprice in craft centers is not only limited to the skin in order to survive but can be develop according to expectations. In accordance with the government program that will foster new entrepreneurial research industry is expected to contribute is to overcome the problems that happen to Small Interprice in order to become independent entrepreneurs and professionals. This research sample totaled 57 respondents is company owners and employees of Small Interprice Bread Castle Bekasi .The number of samples in this study using the full sample (census) all employee .In this case the sample size is equal to the total population. The study was conducted by using simple regression analysis using t-test to analyze the relationship between variables X1 with Y and the relationship X2 with Y .In addition it also uses multiple linear regression analysis with F-test to analyze the influence of free variable X1 and X2 simultaneously to variable free Y.Variabel bound X1 in this case is compensation. The independent variable X1 and X2 in this case is Compensation and Cultural work the other variabel Y is the dependent variable with Employee Performance.This research was conducted to determine the effect of compensation and culture work on employee performance through a calculation using the Test Validity, Reliability Test, Analysis and Correlation Coefficient of Determination. Data collection and measurement variables by distributing the data in the form of koesioner instrument that contains beads of questions prepared by the scale Likert. Data given a score of each respondents from 1-5 and from each variable were questioned as many as 15 questions afterwards summed of scores on each variable. There is a significant influence with free variable Compensation and Culture work together (simultaneously ) to the employee performance Bread Castle Bekasi follow the formula , Y = 32.366 + 0.072 X1 + 0.377 X2 with 95 % accuracy . Effect of Compensation and Working Culture jointly against employee performance Bread Castle Bekasi in percentage is 36.1 % . While the rest of 63.9 % is determined by other factors not included in our model . Keywords : Compensation, Culture Work , Employee Performance.

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  Januari 2018  
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